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Running late for the Model Go-See?

Here’s a quick and easy how-to on the Go-See Makeup look using cosmetics that won’t break the bank.

I started with a trusted MAC Concealer to hide blemishes, Etude House Brow pencil to shape my brows, and Snoe Beauty’s Pressed Powder in Brown Honey as foundation. Sorry these are not exactly affordable but I believe concealer/foundation and brow pencil arethe only things you need to splurge on because these are good beauty investments!

SO where was I? Right, cosmetics that wont break the bank!

Since you don’t have to be fully made up for a Go-See, most designers/clients want their models bare face/no makeup, you may skip the eye shadow, blush, and the lipstick. A little contour on the cheeks will do. 


Here I used Essence Bronzing Compact Powder. I love that has a matte finish and it gives you just the right amount of tan.


Learned this trick from my sister, Ana Victorino, on one of her YouTube videos. Make the fish-face if you don’t know where to contour.


Next, I am using Essence I love Rock gloss eye pencil in Black to line my eyes. You can use brown if you want to make this look more natural.


Curl your lashes, then apply Essence Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara! I have really short lashes and this just solves the problem. Apply 2 to 3 coats ;)


Last but not the least, apply Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss. It is moisturizing and it’s non sticky! And you’re done!


Essence, Europe’s No. 1 affordable cosmetics is now here in the Philippines! Their prices range from P79 to P299! Among the products that you have to try from this brand are the Gel Polishes, Gel eye shadows, their themed makeup sets and lots more!


Check out the cute packaging and other interesting Essence products in all Watson’s/SM Department Stores.

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How about the Go-See hair? Up next. :)



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